Fool Mule

Fool Mule

Fool Mule
The Funny Side Of Rhythm And Blues
LABEL: Koko Mojo Records
GENRE: Rhythm and Blues
FORMAT: CD deluxe ecopac

Kokomono Bluessound
Airplay direct

Another winning selection of mighty fine dancing tunes from "The Land of the Ravy-Gravy" that will bring a smile on your face and even a few chuckles, dear hep cats and kittens.This new boss anthology of pretty obscure songs from the golden era of music is once again filled to the brim with lotta great funny "rocking" numbers.... all KILLERS, no FILLERS!

-Little Victor (a.k.a DJ "Mojo" Man)

  1. Say What
  2. Psycho Serenade
  3. Funny Looking Thing
  4. Has Anybody Seen My Kitty
  5. Ghost Satellite
  6. Fannie's Place
  7. I Gotta New Car
  8. Tangi Paha
  9. Quick Like
  10. Mumble Blues
  11. Push The Panic Button
  12. My Kissin' Cousin
  13. No More - No More
  14. Standing On The Corner
  15. Night Out
  16. Who Dat
  17. Oh My Liddy
  18. Shakin' All Over
  19. On The Run
  20. Brand New Money
  21. Don't Make No Noise
  22. Fool Mule
  23. Goodbye New York, Hello New Orleans
  24. Got My Gun
  25. Shorty
  26. Bald Headed Woman
  27. Road Runner
  28. Love Blood Hound