Cat Scratchin’

Cat Scratchin'

Cat Scratchin'
Ladies In The Groove
LABEL: Koko Mojo Records
GENRE: Rhythm and Blues
FORMAT: CD deluxe ecopac

Kokomono Bluessound

Jumping jills and jiving cats, this mighty fine collection is devoted to lady singers. Dig their sound and move the furniture around, put on your dancing shoes and dance to their blues. Get the joints shaking and the rugs quacking, but watch out 'cause these dames are dangerous as much as they are glamorous. MEOW!

-Little Victor (a.k.a DJ "Mojo" Man)

  1. Please Give Me A Match
  2. Holy Mack'reel
  3. Get It !
  4. How Can I Loose
  5. Cat Scratching
  6. You Said You Had A Woman
  7. Ain't Nothing Shaking
  8. I'll Make Him Mine
  9. I'm No Good To You
  10. Fever
  11. Move On Out
  12. Son-In-Law
  13. Aint That Worth Something Baby
  14. I'm A Little Mixed Up
  15. I Want You To Love Me
  16. Miss You So
  17. Fishtruck Boogie
  18. No More, No Less
  19. You Got The Nose Open
  20. Sippin' Sorrow Pearl Wood
  21. I'm Gonna Try Carol Fran
  22. Cotton Pickin' Mama
  23. Think It Over Baby
  24. Kissin' Boogie
  25. Yes Ma'am
  26. Ring A Ling
  27. I'm Wise
  28. Keep Me On Your Mind In 59